Devil’s Tower!

No extraterrestrials have landed yet (it’s still daylight), but Devil’s Tower is right behind me.

The staff is busy prepping for their annual Devil’s Tower Cantina. They’ve been squeezing limes and stringing lights. It is Margarita night.

We’re told that the campground shows “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” every night when it gets dark. We’ll see if I can stay awake that long. I’m usually in bed by 9, before it gets dark.

I haven’t been in an RV park in a long time (ever?). The RVs are humongous, with pop-out sides so they look like a double wide mobile home. Some have a White Freightliner cab.

We passed a freight yard today. I rode past a string of locomotives coupled together – there were 0.62 miles of locomotives. Coal trains take more than ½ mile to pass – when we are going in opposite directions. Someone who talked as though he knows what he is talking about said they are 1.4 miles long.

The gods must have mercy on my heathen soul. After yesterday’s crash I feel amazingly well – ice and Kinesiotape may have helped. We had an easy day today, only 69 miles and favorable winds. I was here before it got really hot.

I met another rider going the other way when I arrived at 12:15. He said were were absolutely not to arrive before 1:00. 9419B126-4A84-44C1-A481-B8F46206076AI found a nearby bar and tried the local brew. A couple of Harley riders came in a few minutes after me and one asked the same question – “What’s on tap?” and got the same answer – “Nothing”. I recommended the local amber ale I was having and he liked it. By the time I left the temperature was approaching 95.

Very low battery. Will recharge when the sun comes up and post more tomorrow. A great evening! I’ll explain more (with pictures) Monday morning.