I been thinking about the wind so much I might as well be sailing.

After a posh stay at the Pierre Indian Education Center (my own room with bed and bedding, semi-private bath), we started our fifth week headed mostly east for a change.

Winds were light, the air was cool. We hit a construction zone with a flagger. After about a 15 minute wait she let us through and we had the road to ourselves – like our own critical mass ride.D58AEDC3-25AE-4CED-92DF-3C8952E67664

We rode a few miles before we could see why the road was a single lane in one direction. A little farther and we started facing construction traffic coming toward us in the single lane. That made things interesting.


Lunch was fish tacos featuring walleye caught by some of the riders Sunday. Tex Tubb’s Taco Palace may be facing some competition!

After lunch the wind picked up and we headed north with a tailwind – 25 mph riding with no work.

We turned east again into a crosswind that varied, sometimes hitting our right shoulder, sometimes straight across, sometimes giving us a little help. After 89 miles we pulled into Miller, SD. Midweek we will be halfway on this journey.