Six Days on the Road/Reprieve!


OK, I’ll admit it’s six days this week, a lot more than that total; but I will see my wife and daughter tonight and I haven’t used any trucker songs yet – a natural for all this time on the road.

This is my favorite version of this song, in part because, while trucking songs are mostly written, by, for, and about white men, this version is sung by an African American man (Taj Mahal) with a Native American guitarist (Jesse Ed Davis). It’s also really good.

We roll into Northfield, MN today, with Indian food for dinner tonight, a good local coffee shop in the morning, and a rest day.

In Hutchinson (Friday), we have access to a wireless network, so I can post. There are also some pre-written posts that are already uploaded, so they will go online as scheduled even if I have no further access – they may lack an update about the ride.

I also just learned that I may have access to a hotspot via another rider who has an unlimited Verizon data plan. So we may continue to be half-fast!

We were awakened Thursday night at 11:35 PM by a fire alarm in the school where we were staying. Police, custodial staff, and two fire trucks responded. A false alarm, so we got back to sleep.

Radar looked much more promising than yesterday, though we learned yesterday that looks can be deceiving. We rode under cloudy skies but only had a few minutes of mist/drizzle.

Wind was mostly from the north. It started from the northwest and was helpful. It moved north to become a crosswind and started to trend more easterly at the end of the day. Riding north was tough. East (most of the day) was great in the morning, getting worse as the day went on.

Minnesota looks totally different than the west. Lots of marshes and wetlands. Sugar beet fields completely under water. Corn standing in water looking small and yellow and I don’t think it is because they “planted the little and yeller kind.” The soybeans are the only thing doing relatively well.

California is full of irrigation ditches to bring water to the crops. Minnesota is full of drainage ditches to try to drain the water away from the crops.

We ate lunch in the “Corn capital of Minnesota”. They may have to relinquish their crown. The third picture is just because I can understand selling “chain, rope, and cable”, but I have no clue how you sell “nostalgic”.

Geek’s corner:
(Thanks Vicki! Shift/enter worked)
I normally ride 700x23c tires at 115 PSI. For this trip I changed to 700x25c and was running 105 PSI at home as a trial. I dropped to 90 PSI due to bad pavement out west and today, for the expansion cracks, I dropped further to 85 PSI. Did it help? I’d probably have to ride the same stretch of road with different parameters to know for sure. The bad pavement today came, for the most part, earlier than it did yesterday; so it’s hard to know if I feel less beat up from the lower pressure, because the cracks weren’t ditches, or because they came 40 miles earlier.