Deja vu?

We crossed the Mississippi into Wisconsin, riding along Lake Pepin (a large wide spot in the Mississippi River).

As a child I boated up the Mississippi with my family (from Winona to St Paul). It was windy and rough on Lake Pepin and my dad sang a sea shanty about a young boy who becomes a sailor after his father is lost at sea. It scared the crap out of me and I was sure we were all going to die as our little boat bounced over the waves. We went right down the middle of the lake, eschewing the calmer waters near the shore.

We passed Maiden Rock today, which I rode by on a previous tour many years ago. The link is to that post.

Next up is the Sparta to Elroy Trail, covered in the July 4 post.

Author: halffastcyclingclub

We are a group of friends who ride bikes. Some of us are fast, some of us are slow, all of us are half-fast. In 2018, one of us rode coast to coast across the US. It was so much fun, he's doing it again in 2022! If we meet Sal Paradise, we'll let you know.

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