Port Dover

Friday, August 3.

We left West Lorne with the fog thickening. As we rode, the sun shone weakly through the fog. Visibility was as low as 25 feet at times. I rode slowly, not sure which was worse – looking though wet lenses, or being near-sighted. As near-sighted as I am, that means looking though lenses was pretty bad.

The fog burned off and it was hot and humid. The day was going to be close to 100 miles due to a detour around a bridge that’s out. 

I paced myself and stopped at 30 miles (halfway to lunch) for coffee and a bagel in a cafe where the wait staff wore t-shirts with slogans on the back  such as:

“Roses are red/Violets are blue/My poetry stinks/Coffee.”     And

“I’d be a morning person if my coffeemaker brewed wine.”

We rode through lots of towns named Port Something-or-other, but very seldom actually saw the lake.  Crops diversified to include asparagus, tobacco, and fruits.

A few miles short of our destination I came upon a store with a sandwich board out front reading:

“Patio open. Cold beer.”

Two riders were coming out with ice cream cones. I needed no more encouragement.

I felt good enough to add a few miles for an even 100.

I am still incommunicado due to unknown roaming fees. Formatting difficulties due to limited access and no keyboard, as I’m writing this in a bar and the bartender allowed us access to her personal WiFi. (She lives upstairs.)

I’m hoping for better Internet access in Niagara Falls Saturday, with a longer post and photos.

O, Canada!

Thursday, August 4. Some days, it’s just about the miles. Bad roads and rude drivers in Michigan gave way to busy highways with no shoulder in Ontario. We had two brief respites of 4 miles on quiet country roads with a tailwind. Otherwise, it was a matter of cranking out 88 miles. The miles were broken up by a ferry crossing from Michigan to Ontario. We rode along the Pretty Good Lake St Claire.

(Ferry photo was here.)

We crossed the Thames River and I saw a sign for London.

(Thames River sign was here.)

No Internet access and daily fee versus high roaming fees means the post from today was pre-written yesterday. These notes may end up as a post when I have access.

(Photo of tractor made of hay bales was here.)

Toto, I don’t think were in Wisconsin anymore. I’ve walked up and down the two main streets of this town and there is not a single tavern to be found.

Ontario is home to biting ants and they show no respect for privacy, if you get my drift.

Saving of this post has failed three times. Publishing has failed twice. I have removed all photos and am trying again.