Niagara Falls! (Did I say that already?)

A heat advisory today. I forced myself to sleep in until nearly 7. Cleaned and lubed bike, replaced cleats and heel pads on shoes, charged phone, put away clean laundry. Backup battery is on solar charger now. To a fast food place to listen to MAYCO concert online due to slow connection at campground. A great concert except that the stream went offline for a while. Is will be rebroadcast on WVMO on August 19 at 3 PM, both on air and online. As a result, I was able to find this 3 Stooges clip I inexplicably recall from childhood. I’ll upload this post before I return to camp, or it’ll never upload.

I didn’t go to the falls today, as the bus trip is over an hour each way and I was advised that traffic was terrible for a bike ride (but had been OK at 7 AM). We’ll be crossing the border Monday morning so I’ll see the Falls then.

Several new riders are coming online for this week, and one staff member is returning after being gone for a few weeks.

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