Choose your own adventure!

A light sprinkle Tuesday night turned into heavy dew and fog. We packed up wet (as usual) and headed out. 

The plan was to spend another day touring the Finger Lakes as we made our way north to Oswego, on the shore of Lake Ontario.

Photos: tandem on a climb, bike rainbow, tractor for sale.

It started to rain around mile 30. It was less rain than that the air was so saturated that it started to leak.

The sun came out during lunch at mile 50 and at about mile 65 the rain came back in earnest. 

We arrived in Oswego soaking wet. The van and trailer were nowhere in sight, having been held up by a flat tire. 

We found a spot to stop getting any wetter and stood around being wet for another hour or two. Some folks headed off to a pub. 

We finally got showers and dry clothes on about 4, after arriving around 1. I spread the tent out to dry and it started to rain again. I decided to sleep inside.

I did eventually get the tent dry. My shoes are the big concern. After holding them under the hand dryer, stuffing them with paper towels, then restuffing them after soaking through the first set, they are now in the sun. (And now they’re back inside, as the sky is darkening again.)

Now to the “choose your own adventure” part. Due to missing route markers and missing road signs, most of us took non-standard routes to get here. After I had prevented 4 others from missing turns, I missed one myself. 

 I stopped and asked a guy using a weed whacker in a ditch if the road I’d just passed was Chapman. He said no and he didn’t know where Chapman Road was.

He pulled out his phone to find it and try to find a way to get there. I said that State Highway 321 was really where I was going and Chapman was just a way to get there. 

We found a more direct route to the highway and he said, “but it’s pretty hilly.” I smiled and said, “That’s OK. I like hills.”

He offered a ride in his truck to get there and I said, “Thanks, but I’m 3700 miles into this ride. A few more is no problem.” That’s when the rain came for the first time.

I got in to lunch and there was one rider there. Others trickled in with tales of their impromptu detours. Several had gotten a tour of a nearby town that wasn’t on the route. 

Some gave up on the route all together and went for the direct route, saving about 25 miles.

Dinner tonight was in a sports bar. I learned about two new (to me) sports on ESPN – chess boxing, in which two competitors box a round, then a chess board is set up in the ring and they play chess, then return to boxing. I’m not sure how it is scored or how long they spend in each realm.

The other sport was headis – table tennis played with the head and a soccer ball.

I did not make this up.