Adirondacks (and I don’t mean chairs)

A torrential thunderstorm Thursday night around 11:30. Sirens, but not the tornado siren. Incredible wind, rain inside the tent. Rain on the tent so loud that I had to hold the phone up to my ear to hear the weather radio through the speaker. A real gulley washer, it was over in 1/2 hour.

Had there been a tornado warning, I would have been reluctant to leave the tent – it was raining that hard.

I think I woke up over the rainbow. Everything is in color this morning. Those who slept in the gym were blissfully unaware of the storm. By morning there was no sign of the tempest of the night before. Surprisingly, no bikes were blown over. 

It was cool and breezy to start the day. The breeze was of the unhelpful variety all day. Sitting still it was a pleasant, cool breeze. While riding it let us know we weren’t going to get off easy before the climbing began.

We started the day on roads busier than I like, but the day ended beautifully. I’ve noticed that the last 10-15 miles leave the most lasting impression, so if a ride ends badly, I remember it as a bad ride. If it ends like today, I remember it as a great ride. 

We rode along the Black River early in the day, with about 4 miles on a flat, paved trail.

Entering the Adirondacks, Star Lake (our destination for the day)

We followed the Oswegatchie River upstream later in the day. After about 65 miles we turned onto Oswegatchie Trail, which was noted on our cue sheet as paved. I assumed it was a rail-trail, flat like the morning’s trail. I was wrong.

It was actually a two lane highway and the most significant climb of the day. It was well-paved and a lot of fun. Others may beg to differ.

I’ve noticed we all walk funny at the end of a long ride. We’re bent over at the hips until we get our hip flexors stretched out. We don’t look old so much as weird.