Stuff to make you cry

I read this (follow the link) on The Daily Kos this (Sunday) morning while doing my laundry. I’m wearing the t-shirt my daughter gave me, which has two pair of cowboy boots (big and little) and says: “Being a Dad – The Most Important Job You’ll Ever Have”.

The Daily Kos story reminded me of when that child was about five and we went to “Kites on Ice”, an event out on the lake ice.

We were walking through a muddy parking area – Emery, their friend, and I. Emery was on the end of our line closest to passing cars. I quietly slipped behind them and to the outside.

Emery, not one to miss anything, asked “Why did you do that, Daddy?”

I asked, “Do what?” Emery described exactly what I did. I said “To protect you  from the cars.”

Emery replied, “I should be the one to walk on the outside. If one of us gets killed, it should be me. You’ve lived without a daughter before, so you could do it again. But I could never live without a Daddy.”

I looked away as tears leaked out (as they are doing now, and as they did while reading the Daily Kos essay). I wasn’t sure I could explain why I was crying. I wasn’t so sure about living without Emery.

I am sure about the t-shirt.