How the other 1% live

Wednesday night I was in the school using their electricity and intermittent WiFi, when Ruth dashed in to say it was coming down hard out there. I unplugged and scurried outside.

The sky was lit up like the Fourth of July but it was not yet raining.

I beat the rain to the tent by less than a minute. I turned on my headlamp and noticed a fine mist in the air, then heard dripping. I pulled out my phone and posted a real-time review of the tent on REI’s  website.

Thursday dawned foggily, as usual. The ride upstream on the Ammonoosuc River beat the heck out of Wednesday’s start in rush hour traffic on bad roads.

We rode into the White Mountains, where my boss’s boss has a family cottage (photo below). Since they only had a partial staff on (this being the offseason), we just stopped to use the pool and sauna and have cognac and caviar at the outdoor fire pit before moving on.994A5D54-FEFE-4A62-A4ED-32E3680BFE7F

Seriously, this is the Mount Washington Hotel. If you have to ask the room rate, you can’t afford it. It is not the hotel used for exterior shots in “The Shining”, though it certainly reminded me of that.

After lunch outside a ski lodge we got onto the very scary Westside Road. If this is an off-season weekday, I’d hate to see ski season weekend traffic; and the pavement was something to write home about.

I’m posting this from the parking lot of the Maine Tourist Information Center, just a few yards across the border, in case I have no WiFi access later.

Tomorrow is an 80+ mile day before our triumphant Champagne-sipping finale to the ocean on Saturday.

RIP Aretha Franklin