Beware the ides of March

Spring will return someday. I just read our Fearless Leader’s reaction when asked about the slow response to COVID-19: “I don’t take responsibility at all.” This seems to sum up his presidency and his life. I picture it as his epitaph.

In celebration of the ides, we saw a production of “Julius Caesar” set in a women’s prison with an all-woman cast.

The Ides of March reminded me of this one-hit wonder of 1970. The recording is from 2014 – even those with brief fame can have a revival. The lyrics were creepy in 1970. Time and age do not make them better. This was a great song for high school band kids who wanted to be rock-n-rollers. Great horn parts for bands that also covered “Got to get you into my life”.

What I really wanted to do was take a break from the news of the day and think about the coming of spring with a bunch of old flower photos, some of which have appeared here in the past, others not; mostly from my yard.

This is to make up for my minimal time out of the house while sick the last couple of weeks; not to mention 6 weeks earlier this winter after surgery. I’m becoming a hermit. I will end up with as much time off this winter as I took to ride coast-to-coast. This is way less fun. I guess I could call it a dress rehearsal for retirement; but I certainly hope for a more active retirement than this.