Night Moves

There aren’t a lot of people out at 6 AM – runners, the university crew, ROTC, and me.


Double timing
Onto the
Lakeshore path.

Double timing
Into the
Predawn dark.

Full camo packs
Each with its

Unless you
Have a light.

I guess they are being safe in the urban environment, but it strikes me oddly when these toy soldiers appear out of the darkness, my headlight showing each so brightly as to be nearly blinding. And once they leave the path, that camo is oh-so-effective to hide on the city streets.

I guess they were working on their night moves.

In dog news, Bailey has discovered the wonder of Ash flowers. Most of the Ash trees here have been removed to stop the spread of the Emerald Ash Borer (which seems like the US strategy of destroying villages to save them, and makes this fit with the military topic of this post). Some of the bigger trees were left and are being treated. They are in bloom now and Bailey thinks the flowers are delicious. Any other dogs out there like ash blooms?