The last time

I just finished my last tour of duty on the COVID-19 units – not because the pandemic is over (it’s not) but because I have 5 more weeks to work and will not have another rotation in that time. (Dog willing.) When I hang up my PAPR (Powered Air-Purifying Respirator) this week, I hope never to pick it up again.

We want this pandemic to be over, people are beginning to act like it’s over. We can pull the wool over our eyes or we can face the music. Numbers are down, but ask the dying what they care about numbers.

I started the week with someone who went to a family gathering for Easter. A guest invited by one of the family had driven halfway across the country to join them, picking up COVID-19 along the way. The whole family is now infected. I think they will all survive. Another patient went on palliative care that first day. While COVID-19 will not be the only cause of death, it will certainly be a contributing factor.

Another patient told me they felt “crappy” but could not explain further – not painful, not short of breath, not nauseated, just crappy; also disappointed in their lack of progress from the orthopedic injury in addition to COVID-19. I went in to work the next morning to find they died 16 hours later – 20 minutes before my arrival to work.

A fourth patient told me of a near-death experience. They had a heart arrhythmia and were about to undergo DC cardioversion (pretty much the same as defibrillation of a newly-dead person, or as Miracle Max might say, mostly dead). As doctors were preparing, my patient announced they were receiving a phone call from a (long-dead) parent. As they tell it, the doctor began the procedure instantly, not waiting for the anesthesia to take effect, later explaining to my patient that he thought their death was imminent. The patient says the doctor told them that, should they get calls from dead relatives, they should not answer.

The story was told, not to be entertaining, but in a tone of terror. This person was terrified of death and still fears their death is imminent. With COVID-19, I am in no position to doubt. I received my fourth vaccination at the end of my shift.

Author: halffastcyclingclub

We are a group of friends who ride bikes. Some of us are fast, some of us are slow, all of us are half-fast. In 2018, one of us rode coast to coast across the US. It was so much fun, he's doing it again in 2022! If we meet Sal Paradise, we'll let you know.

9 thoughts on “The last time”

  1. Mind if I share with an antivax friend? Not to be mean but shake some sense into him. He has really bad long COVID problems. His response is that it is “Fauci’s fault for engineering the virus“ 😔😖 Not his Libertarian views that people should be responsible for their choices. Until he made a really bad decision and now it’s someone else’s fault!


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  2. Exactly. Numbers are not people. My most recent booster kicked my ass for four days but I still think I’m glad I got it. Everything you’ve written here ought to scare an anti-vaxxer straight. I’m very very very glad you’re about to hit the road on a bicycle.

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    1. 22 hours after the booster I have mild shoulder discomfort. Kinesiotape is a big help for that. I started taping after flu shots several years ago and it helps for those, too. No illness at all today – which is good since I’m working. I was required to get the first 3 shots on Saturday afternoon so I’d have the next two days off in case of side effects. This time they weren’t offering Saturday shots so not working the next day was not an option. I could have worked the next day after all three priors, so I wasn’t worried. Sorry it kicked you but it beats the hell out of the disease.

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  3. Hello from the UK from a fellow cyclist.

    Thank you for your post. I am sorry to see however that as a medic you have failed to understand what Covid 19 is. I managed to work this out in 2020 at 60 years of age and I had assumed by now most others would as well.

    Given that I see Martha Kennedy above has said “My most recent booster kicked my ass for four days…” I would have thought that would be enough to make anybody question the vaccines. Martha has a doubt as she thinks she’s glad she got it, rather than is 100% sure.

    Your own experience says “22 hours after the booster I have mild shoulder discomfort”. Have you not though to question the narrative at all?

    Mind you, the virus was not engineered either, not in the strict sense of some laboratory producing a biological virus. And therein lies the problem, a complete misunderstanding of virology.


    1. I haven’t a clue what you are trying to say here. Are you implying that mild shoulder discomfort is worse than death? That you think being vaccinated was a bad choice? I’m not sure what narrative you think I failed to question but, I assure you, questioning is what I do. My decision to be vaccinated was a result of that questioning. Would you like to speak with my unvaccinated patients who unquestioningly followed the anti-vaccine propaganda they heard on Fox News? Oh, I forgot. You can’t. They’re dead.

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      1. Thank you for your reply. Of course mild shoulder discomfort is NOT worse than death, but then have you been dead to know what death is like? Tell me if you have!!

        Of course being vaccinated is a bad choice, anybody with half a brain should see that by now.

        I will point out to you what you should have understood but clearly have never been taught or researched that Covid 19 is the ‘flu re-branded by big pharma etc.

        The ‘flu is the internal toxicosis of the body, mainly via urea, partly due to metabolism of food and partly due to the many poisons in our environment which can and do enter our bodies in the air, food and water. The ‘flu cannot be transmitted to someone else as it is individual to each person.

        Unless your blood is given to someone in a blood transfusion, for example.

        In essence urea is a neuro-toxin due to the nitrogen which the body may use up to a point but must ultimately excrete as it is from ammonia which is highly toxic.

        Injecting poisons such as via vaccines merely adds to the toxicosis problem. Vaccines have never been of any use, it is merely that constant and persistent ‘advertising’ persuaded people that they were of use. The various deaths and harm have been well-documented over the decades. It is being documented now.

        Vitamin D deficiency is the true pandemic due to indoor working and living away from the sunshine which, if we do the right thing things, will give us vitamin D (free!). Big pharma etc. are not keen on free as they don’t make much money out of it.

        Vitamin D levels drop in the winter months, depending on latitude, due to reduced sunshine levels and as any gains in the summer months are depleted.

        Vaccines are neuro-toxins, if there is anything in them at all, as are most big pharma drugs. The toxic drugs contain nitrogen and can be readily identified as a consequence if you know the chemistry. Therefore they are at best pointless, suppressing symptoms and not dealing with the real issue. Indeed, they usually merely add to the issues, hence the ever increasing cycle of drugs to treat side effects of drugs etc.

        This ever increasing cycle is good for big pharma business, but not for the human body.

        If your immune system is in good order then by and large you will tolerate a poisonous vaccine. If weakened you will suffer various side effects. If your immune system is very poor you may die.

        Boosting your immune system with vitamin D can go a long way to protecting you against the toxicosis, but vitamin C is very good as an anti-oxidant to help flush the toxins out of your system. By and large you should be able to gain your vitamins etc from good, untainted food. Highly processed foods will not help.

        None of this is rocket science and I repeat, if I can work it out so should all medics.

        As regards the dead who didn’t take the vaccines, well who knows what they really died of. If you care to look at the statistics you see that most who allegedly die by, with or from Covid19 have previous commodities.

        It is blindingly obvious to all those who care to double check.

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  4. Sorry, but that is your last comment on this blog. My tolerance for pseudo-science is limited and you just surpassed it. Of course you’re right that viruses can not be transmitted except by blood and all vaccines are worthless. That’s why we are still dying in droves from smallpox and millions of us are living in iron lungs with poliomyelitis. Oh, wait – that’s not true, is it?

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