A Dream Fulfilled

For years, as I rode to work, I would think, “It’s such a beautiful day…I wish I could just keep riding out of town.” Today I did just that.

My computer screen, last day of work. There is a 7:40 video of all of the variations of “That’s all, Folks!”

It was the first real day of retirement – meaning the first day that I would have gone to work after my Sunday-Monday weekend. A co-worker texted me at 7:40 saying I wasn’t at my desk so I must have really retired.

I was hours late (if I were going to work) but rode past the hospital and continued along the lakeshore to the home of Cowboy Bob. Bob, Tim, and I saddled up and headed for the formerly-famous Roxbury Tavern. Instead of great food and a curmudgeonly owner, now they just have goats and llamas.

The Roxbury

After 47 glorious miles we returned to Cowboy Bob’s to toast retirement with a bottle of sparkling wine and then I rode the last 11 miles home. Bob lives on the edge of a nature conservancy and, to welcome the newcomers, a turkey, a deer, and two humans walked down the trail behind his house within seconds of us settling on the deck. Tomorrow I deliver the bike and a duffle bag to the home of Cycle America and I won’t see them again until I reach Seattle. (Don’t worry. I have another bike to ride while it’s gone.) That way I can fly with just a carry-on and the bike arrives fully assembled. If Greg gets there, my bike gets there.

Day one of retirement is in the bag!

The last view of my desk before I unplugged the laptop and turned it in. Note two masks. The N-95 (left) is for patient care, the surgical mask (right) is for the office. With four more therapists out with COVID-19 last week, I’m still pretty cautious. In my office, only the two old folks have avoided the disease. They just don’t make ’em like they used to.