Are you half-fast?

You might be half-fast if:

  • You are riding the same bike after 20,30, 40, or 50 years because it still works and you couldn’t see any reason to replace it
  • You have one bike that you ride for everything
  • You have a few bikes for different purposes
  • You have a bike made to ride faster than you do, but you ride it because it’s fun
  • You get lost but don’t bother to check directions because the road you’re on is just so pretty
  • You sometimes stop to smell some flowers or pick some roadside asparagus or just to watch the birds over there in that field
  • You do your best thinking on your bike but when you get home you can’t really remember what it was that was so brilliant
  • You find yourself singing songs you didn’t even know you remembered just because (of the weather, your mood, something you just remembered, the dead skunk in the middle of the road…) and it makes the ride go better. [Ed note: I have to add a tribute to my friend Rootchopper, who wrote of a dead possum in the road. He said “(I could tell they weren’t playing possum because they had guts sticking out of them. Then again, maybe they were method-actor possums. You never know.)”]
  • You think any day is a good day for a bike ride

You probably aren’t half-fast if:

  • You ride the same bike and wear the same clothes as some professional bike-racing team even though you’ve never raced
  • You buy new bikes just because you can afford to
  • You buy a new bike because some subtle change has been made that won’t make a damn bit of difference in your riding but it’s new so you’ve gotta have it
  • You only wave to people on bikes as fancy as yours
  • You spend more time riding on a simulator than on real roads (unless for health/injury reasons)
  • You have more bikes than fingers
  • You have a $10,000 bike but don’t know how to fix a flat
  • You find it important to measure yourself against external criteria (such as this list)

If you think you’re half-fast, join the club! All it takes to join is to say “I’m half-fast!” If you agree with Groucho Marx that“I don’t want to belong to any club that would accept me as one of its members”, why then you’re definitely in.

To Oz?

Last view of home

Seattle likes to call itself The Emerald City. Here we are. As a reminder, we will be in the same locations as 4 years ago, on the same days of the week but on dates two days earlier (e.g. today is Saturday, June 18, 2022. Four years ago Saturday was June 16, 2018). I will try not to duplicate things, so you may want to check the archives for more on any given location or day’s ride.

The first day in Seattle has been great. The rain hasn’t stopped, though occasionally is reduced to drizzle, the free wi-if in the hotel is non-existent, and we’ve been outside three times for fire alarms so far (and it’s still early). There are two airport hotels with virtually the same name and the shuttle took me to the wrong one. After sitting in the lobby for a bit and it looking unfamiliar, I found the second one. Maybe I should have stayed in the wrong one. They might have wi-fi instead of fires.