Montevideo (MN, not Uruguay)

Moving, South Dakota style

We watched someone move this morning. As you can see, they didn’t leave a lot of room for oncoming traffic. I couldn’t resist the picture below, even though I took the same picture four years ago.

It’s good to know some people are so confident about what constitutes “The American Way”. And here I thought it was freedom to choose…between Coke and Pepsi.

The weather was perfect today. A bit cool in the morning, then comfortable. We turned north briefly just to remind us of the headwind, but the winds were mostly favorable.

I stopped in Madison, MN at a combination coffee shop/art gallery/newspaper office/grocery co-op/community education center/event space. Not all of those aspects are up and running yet, but the proprietor gave me a tour and talked about their plans.

She asked what I was up to and asked me to stop by the local radio station for an interview. I neglected to ask where the studio is, so had to conduct my own interview while continuing down the road. Alas, no one will hear it.

The proprietors of Madison Mercantile.

As we say goodbye to South Dakota, I have to add this, which applies to central South Dakota as well as Nebraska, especially when headwinds add hours to the journey.

For more info re: Montevideo and how it came to share a name with a city in Uruguay, see the 2018 post. The only way they’ll see mountains here is in a video.

In Madison I learned of a brewpub in Montevideo. They were not yet open for the day, so I stopped at Java River, the same place I stopped four years ago, for an iced coffee drink in their excellent courtyard.

Aside to work folks: are we on for next Wednesday in Baraboo? Who’s in, and where are we going, boss? Is playing “Sober in Nebraska” as a Friday song acceptable?