¡Bienvenidos a México!

We are in Mexico, New York, which claims to be “The Mother of Towns”, having been founded in 1792.

The weather forecast called for “scattered sprinkles”. “Scattered” was correct, but the downpour did not appear to be “sprinkles” to any of us.

A coffee shop materialized around mile 30, in Skaneatles, just at the right time. No one was there when we got there but, when we left, there were about 10 other cyclists there. We were good advertising. This time it’s not the royal “we”. I was accompanied by a recent addition to the tour. He is from Milwaukee and we rode together yesterday until my flat tire and most of today.

The ride was great, over rolling hills through farms and forests; mostly on quiet and well-paved roads. The extra miles slid by easily.

Our planned stop fell through so we are a few miles ahead of the plan. We will shuttle to dinner and back (in Oswego, where we were supposed to end the day). Breakfast tomorrow will be on the road after 5.5 miles. The whole day will be 55 miles.

Most of this tour is planned well in advance and follows the same (or very similar) route year to year, with stops at the same places. COVID changed that and we’ve had a few last-minute scrambles, with the office person back in Cannon Falls, MN, spending the day on the phone trying to secure our food and lodging. So far, everything has worked out, though those who like to sleep indoors may disagree. We are at a Jellystone Park campground again. There are cabins available to rent here and I think there was a lottery last night to see who got to sleep indoors (at an extra out of pocket cost).

Dinner was at SUNY-Oswego. We ate with the students and were not limited to what we could fit on a plate, like most meals. They had a great variety of foods and strawberry shortcake for dessert – and not the weird sponge cake you find in supermarkets. I ate my fill.

I saw a huge Joe Biden sign covering the side of a house. I was surprised to see someone openly expressing his sexual attraction to President Biden in this conservative area.