Lake Placid

Friday night was marked by another Thanksgiving dinner that couldn’t be beat. Breakfast featured both pancakes and French toast with warm syrup.

Sign in the restaurant. Soon after I saw a banner (maybe 10´x 20´) that said “Democrats suck. This is a liberal-free area.” I did not stop at that house to ask for directions.

It stayed cloudy most of the night (which I know because I was up six times to pee by 1 AM – the price you pay for staying hydrated though this was worse than usual for reasons unknown), which kept the temperature above 50 degrees (10 C). It cleared up just before dawn so the temperature was dropping as we packed up and started to ride.

Ahead on the road was a thick fog bank – the road disappeared and soon, Roberto did as well. I rode into the fog and needed windshield wipers on my glasses and it was cold; much too cold and damp to want to stop and take a picture.

I came out of the fog and the sun was shining ahead, with a mountain peak just peeking out above the next fog bank. I was in the shade so, like the child detective Cam Jansen, just said “click” and the picture is in my head but not available to you.

The morning song

Leg warmers and jacket stayed on until picnic at 9:30 AM or so, mile 36. After that it was warm enough in a long-sleeved jersey. There was no serious climbing, but a lot of up-and-down and gradual elevation gain toward Lake Placid. Traffic was heavy in both directions but we had a wide shoulder until Saranac Lake, when the shoulder became a parking lane and traffic, both vehicular and pedestrian, was heavy. Traffic stayed thick with a narrow shoulder to Lake Placid.

Tupper Lake

We paid a visit to Placid Planet bike shop, which is still for sale after four years, if anyone wants a new career. It is a well-equipped shop with friendly staff. We keep them in business. Four years ago we bought them out of their shop jerseys (my size was gone when I got there). Today I saw two riders buying chains and having them installed, one buying cleats, another shoes and several other items. I bought a lock and cable to replace the ones I left behind yesterday and a second long-sleeved jersey in case it stays cold and the one I have doesn’t dry in time. Two spare inner tubes completed the transaction. With a new tire and tube and two new spares, I might even get lazy enough to wait until I get home to patch the leakers I have.

After the bike shop we crossed the street for chocolate malts before making our way up to the high school to camp.

We are camped immediately above the speedskating track where Eric Heiden of Madison WI swept Olympic gold in 1980. Just down the street is the arena where the “Miracle on Ice” took place, when the US hockey team (then amateurs) beat the mighty Soviet professional team.

Olympic speedskating track (minus ice). I am standing in front of my tent. The two staffers are contemplating where to pitch their tents, which they did at trackside. It could probably be a roller-blading venue now.
Mirror Lake (Lake Placid itself is outside of town)
Tent City, Lake Placid High School (from the speedskating track looking up)
Olympic ski jump (lower left) Mt Marcy ( right edge) highest point in NY