The Last Week

A day off in Lake Placid, sleeping in until the sun rose. Cold walking to breakfast, warming up walking back, hot by the time laundry was done. That which didn’t dry in the dryer dried quickly in the hot sun.

A leisurely bike cleaning and lubing while doing the hard work of charging my backup battery by the sun led to a walk to lunch with two others, then a walk for ice cream and to check out the bike shop – they bought stuff, I didn’t.

The thermometer on the bank says 85º and my phone app says 72, which is much more believable. The dry mountain air (dewpoint 45º) makes it hot in the sun and cold in the shade. I almost need a fleece jacket in this breezy spot in the shade. Fifty feet away I’d be sweating, as I was this morning sitting exactly where I am now.

Dinner in Lake Placid

Tomorrow will be a short ride to Plattsburgh and Tuesday we’ll ferry across Lake Champlain to Vermont. The rest of the week will include VT, NH, ME, and MA.