Fly like an eagle

While the official bald eagle watching days came and went in January, I wasn’t sure anyone had told the eagles about those days. They tend to hang around their winter nesting sites through March, so I thought I might have a chance today.

I drove out to Prairie du Sac and checked the river overlook (next to the cafe that hosts us for breakfast on our annual Fall Colors Ride and Eat). No eagles to be found, so I headed out on the riverfront path. The eagles didn’t seem to want to pose. I thought they might be hanging out near the dam where humans and gulls were fishing so I took to the mountain bike trails and hiked through the woods. About the time I was distracted by other thoughts, sure enough, there was a roosting eagle. I slowly and quietly got out the camera and monopod. As I mounted the lens the bird took off. I got one blurry shot of a bird in flight.

After hanging out on the beach for a while I decided to just enjoy hiking in the woods and turned to head back to the path. Another eagle appeared and was kind enough to pose for a few shots.

After that it was just stopping by woods on a snowy morning as I followed meandering paths. Unfortunately, our old breakfast place has closed so I didn’t get to stop for elevenses.

Since Badfinger spent a week featuring covers in his blog Powerpop, I thought I’d give you Seal’s cover of Steve Miller.