Hyde’s Mill

We shared the road with the Slimy Crud Run, featuring a few hundred (?) motorcycles. Their run has a beginning and end point with a “choose your own adventure” route. Most I met were going in the opposite direction and most were friendly. When I met a large group (40-50?), two decided they didn’t want to be followers and crossed the double yellow line to pass a bunch. They came down the middle of my lane. While there was still room for me, I did not appreciate the arrogance of taking the middle of the wrong lane.

I met a small group at Hyde’s Mill, which reminded me of the completely unrelated Sutter’s Mill.

As you can see, the grasses are greening up and the trees are blooming. The ride began and ended at Brigham Park so the the 50 mile ride was followed by a six mile hike to pick up trash on our adopted highway. As usual, Busch Light cans were plentiful, but this time, so were empty black trash bags.

We crossed Highway HHH in Ridgeway (so named because it is on a ridge), to remind us that there is only a month until the Horribly Hilly Hundreds. In the shape I was in yesterday, I would only have made one of those hundreds.

Roadside sign: “Trump 2024. The Revenge Tour.” Seems fitting. He has always been only about himself and revenge is about the highest goal to which he can aspire.

It was a beautiful day with full sun, low wind, the first need for sunscreen, and first serious sweat of the year as the temperature reached 82º (28º C). At the end of the ride I heard one rider proclaim that he was the only one on a steel bike. I let him know that, not only was I on a steel bike, but it was probably older than he. (The Monday morning old folks ride was canceled due to rain and a temperature of 50º (10º C).

I was tired enough to not want to cook dinner so we went out after I got home and showered. Now you know I’m out of shape. (Farinata fries [a variation on French fries made with garbanzo bean flour, and delicious] followed by gnocchi, with a lime sorbetto for dessert.)