Row, row, row your boat

gently down the Ausable River, dropping 1000 feet over the first twenty miles.

We kick off the final week with a short and easy day. My new tire made it 55 miles before its first flat – that puts me in double digits for the trip. I hit a debris field on a bridge and found a wire sticking out of my back tire.

Lunch was at Ausable Chasm. For a mere $18 I could take a walking tour. I decided to be satisfied with pictures from the bridge.

We rode over a covered bridge (Ron from Niagara Falls exiting bridge). Despite the flat, I was early so I rode past our destination for a snack at the North Country Co-op in Plattsburgh, NY.

We’ll pass through five states in our last five days.

Last thoughts on Lake Placid:

Lots of folks running, biking, and smoking cigarettes (not all at the same time);

I heard English, French, Portuguese, German, Dutch, and a couple of languages I didn’t recognize- lots of French speakers;

The town is living on past glory, with several shops dedicated to memorabilia from the 1980 Olympic hockey team;

Placid Planet Bike Shop made a killing off our group, selling at least a half dozen of their jerseys ( the shop is for sale, if any of you are looking for a career change);

The town is not actually on Lake Placid, but on Mirror Lake ( which did not resemble a mirror while I was there) – Lake Placid is a short hike from the town;

An ice cream cone at the Ben and Jerry’s store costs more than a pint at the grocery store;

I did not make it to the top of the ski jump for a photo of scapulo-humeral rhythm (a Dr Bersu reference) but did get a photo of the ski jump.