Prelude to an afternoon with a fawn

On my trek to Trek this afternoon, I came across a fawn standing at the side of the road, looking straight at me and standing stock still. When I greeted it, it turned and ran off. Maybe it was hoping it was invisible until it realized it wasn’t.

It turned and bounded up the road. I was waiting to see if it would turn right and run to safety or, like the last deer I met, cross in front of me. I had one eye out for a parent, as this one seemed too young to be alone.

It didn’t turn either direction, but continued on about 100 feet ahead of me, frequently turning to look, as though it wanted to be sure I was still following. We came to a farm and it turned right and bounced away. About 100 feet into the yard it stopped, turned, and watched me ride by. It seemed curious and timid in equal measure. Fawns are like Tiggers, they’re pretty bouncy.

I rode past the world headquarters of Trek Bicycles. If you own a very old Trek or a Madone, it was conceived and born here. The factory itself is just behind this building. Most other Treks were conceived here but born in China. I applied for a job here about 40 years ago. That’s a story of more interest to me than to you, so I’ll spare you.

It was a frabjous day for a bike ride. Warm, breezy, the humidity just starting to come up. I did way too much thinking and not enough enjoying the scenery. It took miles to get that out of my system. The fawn helped. I started from a park in Marshall that usually has a softball game going on when I’m there. Not this year. One family with a yappy dog was picnicking while I enjoyed my post-ride beer.