Sorry. I couldn’t help myself; a beautiful post from my friends at The Dihedral. If you have lived with a non-human companion, this may make you cry. If you haven’t, it may help you understand…


Author: halffastcyclingclub

We are a group of friends who ride bikes. Some of us are fast, some of us are slow, all of us are half-fast. In 2018, one of us rode coast to coast across the US. It was so much fun, he's doing it again in 2022! If we meet Sal Paradise, we'll let you know.

One thought on “Pepper”

  1. It’s the worst. I’ve learned from having put down so many dogs when they got to that point. I can’t live happily without a dog. Getting another dog KNOWING what I know will happen eventually? I believe (with no evidence) that my dogs SEND me the next dog. I’m a good home for a dog and so many dogs need just exactly what I have to offer. All my childhood I just wanted a dog. I KNEW dogs were important to me and of all the things I’ve done in my life the ONE childhood dream that has come true has been living with many dogs and enjoying my life with them. I can’t imagine having lived life without them. ❤ BUT… I know that some day there will be a final dog. I just try not to think about that.

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